Pokemon Black and White will be out in September

May 28, 2010

Video Games

To go along with this new Update Here are the legendary Pokemon

Black will have Reshiram. White will have Zekrom.

Don’t get mixed up — the white Pokemon is in Pokemon Black and the black Pokemon is in Pokemon White. It’s like a black and white cookie.

According to the text at the site, these two Legendary Pokemon have major ties to the history of the Isshu Region, the setting of Black & White.

Here is a new video showing the starting pokemon in battle http://www.pokemon-sp.jp/series/bw/#/partner

New video of the new town http://www.pokemon-sp.jp/series/bw/#/area

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5 Comments on “Pokemon Black and White will be out in September”

  1. NyNy Says:

    I can’t wait, the Pokémon for the White version looks better though.

  2. songunsung Says:

    so pumped! The animation is so much better, pokemon finally MOVE in battle!!!

    ’bout time!

  3. ltsxyfce Says:

    I’m excited. =]

  4. DSCrazy1000 Says:

    Gonna get White!

  5. Vegivo Says:

    Thx for commenting! 🙂 i cant wait to play the new versions!

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