Score Rush review

December 23, 2010

Video Games

Heres an indie title i found by surprise on youtube.When i watch the gameplay video i liked what i saw.It reminded me of Geometry Wars but with SHMUP elements.

The game is very simple its a twin stick shooter.You use the right stick to shoot and the left to move.The right bumper/trigger unleashes a bomb.The game is spread across 10 levels.Starting off on Boss I and all the way to Boss A.Between each boss you fight smaller ships until you reach the end of the level.The higher the level you get the more enemies appear onscreen and the bullets as well.When you reach those higher levels you are just completely overwhelmed with all the brightness of colors that appears onscreen at once.Its a Bullet Storm(Pun intended).And that makes me want to play it even more and get a higher score.

The games supports up to 4 players locally no online coop and has leaderboard support.I love the name it says on the title screen.Score Rush: 4 player Dual Stick SHMUP.How awesome does that sound?This game is very simple pick and play shooter than anyone can play for a minute or two.

I give this game an 8.0 b/c of the easy mechanics and fun gameplay.Besides its only 80 MSP.A dollar you wont regret spending it on.So go support this indie title.

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