ZP2KX Review

January 10, 2011

Video Games

Developer: Ska Studios

Publisher: Microsoft game studios

System: Xbox 360

Release Date: 12/17/2010

Here is a fun indie title with a one really long name but amazing traits. Ska studios have brought out another great indie game. This time they made a really simple but profound multiplayer experience.

The fundamentals of ZP2KX are shoot, run, fly. With this in mind you can have all the fun you want killing your friends in the 10 maps. There are at least a dozen or more guns you get. For example my favorite is the (HONEYLICIOUS) BZBZ Hive Weapon. It shoots bees at your opponent killing them with a poisonous sting. There are also frag weapons like different sets of grenades. I love the after effect of the NUKE it slows everything down. There are 3 sets of skills offense, defense, and modifier. Each one works in a different way. Offense skills can give you that increase in jetpack fuel, fire rate and more. Modifiers gives you that edge when you need it the most like increase your running speed, increase ammo and whatnot. The defensive skills examples work much better. Giving you finesse and stealth like ninja qualities or drop a grenade Call of Duty style.

There are 5 modes that come into play for ZP2KX. Death match; if you want to get your Rambo style massacring. Team Death match; if you feel like working as a team and cooperating, Capture the flag; works the same as any other CTF game works, King of the Hill; Blast your way tot the top and hold the fort as long as you can to win, Zombie Hunt; If you’re not the undead then kill anything that comes after you with whatever weapon you have. But if you’re the Zombified then you can dash ravaging whatever walks your path. I love the zombie hunt the most out of the modes its fun just running around slaying the humans. Then you have the Mutators which is map specific special modes that each map has a different property.


There are unlock able skins when you level up your classes. And you can customize your character class anyway you want.


Graphics: The graphics are very familiar if you have played any of Ska Studios previous games such as Dishwasher

Story: just a simple shoot kill and take names.

Sound: has a very technoistic vibe to it.

Controls: very simplistic. It’s an twin analog game right to shoot and left to move

Replay Value: there is tons of replay ability in this game. Team death match is where its at.

This gem was part of the Indie games Winter Uprising. This one stood out to me because of its awesome multiplayer mechanics. It’s kind of hard not to recommend this indie game that costs only a buck to anyone. I say give it a chance you may like what you see especially when you are jumping off the walls matrix style.

I give ZP2KX an 8 out of 10


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