Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective launches today

January 11, 2011

Video Games


Capcom has released  the Ds game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. This title comes from the mind of  Shu Takumi, the father of the critically acclaimed Ace Attorney® series. This Ds title puts you in the place of Sissel a detective who meets his demise. And comes back as a ghost to solve his murder. You will go through dozens of chapters that will provide hours of gameplay and keep you glued to to this mystery novel like game.

You can order the Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective through the capcom store,which comes with the original Ace Attorney game that is very rare to find. Or you can get it off of and that has the soundtrack which is emailed to you after shipment.

I will be reviewing this game later this week so stay tuned 🙂

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