Monday Night Combat releases on steam with plenty of surprises

January 25, 2011

Video Games

One of Xbox live’s most recent shooters has been steamed! Uber Entertainment is bringing their awesome title Monday Night Combat to the PC gamers. This isn’t just any regular old port, its will have

Dedicated servers

customizable graphic options

mouse and keyboard tweaks

Split-screen coop

It has gone through a beta making it that much better for the steam port. M.N.C. is out now on the steam store for the price of $14.99

ALSO don’t forget you can unlock items for Team Fortress 2 and Penny Arcade.

Comment and post twitter name to be entered in the contest for the steam code giveaway


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8 Comments on “Monday Night Combat releases on steam with plenty of surprises”

  1. Esteban Says:

    Been waiting for this game to be on Steam for a long long time.

    MY twitter is: @EstebanPintos

  2. ShortSword Says:

    Wanted this to come on PC since I first heard about it, i was too hasty in buying it for Xbox the first time.

    Twitter@ ShortSword.

  3. Revitalize1 Says:

    I was lucky enough to try this game out over the summer at Comic Con Toronto (the lamer version of Comic Con in the US), though I didn’t get much time to play. Twas fun!

    My Twitter is @Revitalize1, thanks for your generosity. 😀

  4. Indiewire Says:

    Hehe, I like the trailer. 😛 I also enjoy TF2 and this game seems similar, so I’m interested!

    Twitter: @indiewiring


  5. Mlaty Says:

    The Xbox 360 version was nice, now this new steam version with its TF2 items makes me want it again. :mrgreen:

    @Mlaty on twitter.

  6. Lolrean Says:

    I’d love to get this game since I’ve seen it on the list of “Coming Soon” on Steam, but have no chance to buy it before febr. 😐

    @Lolrean (on twitter)

  7. Vegivo Says:

    @lolrean sorry the contest is over 😦

  8. Lolrean Says:

    ohh 😦

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