FREE update adds more destruction in ZP2KX

January 30, 2011

Video Games

Ska Studios has released a new update titled ZP2KX v2.0.6 that adds new mutators and a new map. But also fixes and tweaks a lot of stuff that needed fixing. Here are the release notes that they just released:

General Updates
Character movement is now more precise.
Character spawn locations are now chosen more randomly.
Game drops now handled more gracefully.
Game music restarts after a rank up.
General bug fixes.
In-game roster now shows current player level in addition to insignia.
In-game roster now shows active Mutator.
In-game roster now centered on the screen.
Main menu controller rumble bug is now fixed.
Main menu audio bug is now fixed.
Reduced kill console text to display a maximum of five lines.

Game Mode Updates
King of the Hill leveling glitch has been patched.
King of the Hill scoring has been reduced slightly.
Scoring objective now set to lowest value by default.
Zombie Hunt balancing has been made.

Map Updates
The Harvest map added.
Ice Burg has additional spawn locations.
The Mine graphic bug has been fixed.

Mutator Updates
Firestorm Mutator, removed DRGN Flame weapon from initial loadout.
Goodie Bag Mutator added.
Jet Max! Mutator added.
No Swords Mutator added.
Sword Mutator, removed all initial loadout swords except for the Masume.

Skills Updates
Chemist Skill has had its impact reduced.
Griefer Skill has increased its griefing effectiveness.
Kung Fu Hero Skill now features a new kicking animation.
Shifter Skill now features air recover ability. Kick mid-air to recover.

Weapon Updates
AK-47 That Fires Cats now features black (Gato) cats AND white (Neko) cats.
AK-47 That Fires Cats now has limited ammo.
Assault Rifle’s volume reduced.
Blade of Tyr’ Az-Gul’r’s damage count increased.
Lightning Grenade’s volume reduced.

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