Kingdom Hearts 3DS will be an evolution of the series

January 30, 2011

Video Games

After glancing over an interview did. They interviewed Tetsuya Nomura about his upcoming 3DS game Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance. They asked him several questions regarding the game and the new trailer that was just released.

He bases the game on the series Final Fantasy. Saying how the series has evolved from into “Versus XIII. KH3D is the equivalent of as Versus XIII is to FFXIII. Both are similar and have the same foundation. But as in versus everything has more bold actions. So in relevance Kingdom Hearts will stay the same but have more freedom on movesets.

Some more info was the interview as well, like for instance why Sora and Riku are wearing the same clothing as from Kingdom Hearts 1. They will start off as wearing the same clothes but as the game progresses just like KH2 did you will change. Automatic switching between Sora and Riku was implemented because Tetsuya says KH3 may have the same option or something different. He really wants to give you the sense of surprise. And they both will have different stories even though as seen in the trailer they both are fighting. This will be rare.

As said before there will be new worlds but nothing has yet to be revealed but….i dont know if you noticed that trailer at the end with Sora running through that tower with bells. You can get some sort of sense that it’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame world.

Well we wont know anything more until E3 perhaps. But if i find any more info ill let you know first.

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2 Comments on “Kingdom Hearts 3DS will be an evolution of the series”

  1. Randall Says:

    Where exactly is the facebook like link ?

  2. Vegivo Says:

    there isnt one one you can share it though.

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