Breach Review

February 2, 2011

Video Games

Developer: Atomic Games

Publisher: Atomic games

System: Xbox 360, PC

Release Date: January 26, 2011

Here is a game that sets itself on destructive environments and the cover system.  There are 18 weapons total in Breach giving players their choice of gun to kill. You will earn XP in each match and after every battle and kill.

Upon my 1st time playing this game I thought to myself this looks like a decent shooter that kind of reminds me of Battlefield. But no it’s quite different.

Its uses it’s the same rudiments as BF but in its own way. Let’s say for example a sniper is hiding out on a high ledge. Well…. YOU can just aim at where he’s standing underneath and blow that up. KABOOM! There he goes falling to his death. And that’s just one of the many ways you can use the destruction at your disposal.

Active cover plays a good part especially when you know how to use it. When ducking behind cover the camera shifts to 3rd person view and allowing you to see your surroundings better. You can also blind fire from this position. This can help you in that last-minute stand-off between you and the last winning kill.

Gadgets and perks are essential in Breach. They will give you the player better leverage in a match. Both can range from level 1 to level 3 each requiring a certain XP and Rank amount. The Gadgets you can unlock are Bionic ear to allow you to hear enemy footsteps, sonic imager giving the player the ability to see through walls, and that’s just to name a few. The Perks are a little bit different. These will give the player the extra edge they need. Like for example there is one called Quick reflexes and it will cut your weapon switching and reloading times in half. OR if you think you’re so BAD then “The Bad Ass” perk is for you. It will give you double XP but removes half your health.

Breach uses the class system. It has 5 total 4 being available and one needs to be unlocked. You have the rifleman who is great at short and mid range combat, Gunner is slower but delivers more damage in firepower, Support specializes in close quarters combat, Sniper has a slower rate of fire but makes up for it in firing range, Recon is only available to those who have mastered the rifleman and sniper classes. It’s basically a combination of both classes with higher agility but low armor.

5 maps and 4 game types are available when you start the game. The maps take you from the mountains of Asia, to the snowy peaks. The game types are infiltration-capture and hold locations, Convoy- assault and defend type game, Retrieval- retrieve and deliver bioweapon canister, Team Deathmatch- kill the opposing team for points, and Sole Survivor-no respawn elimination game.

Breach really is a game you have to put time into and the effort will pay off. You will spend hours upon hours unlocking new abilities for you soldier. I loved the destruction in this game. Even though it’s a bit laggy at times it’s still good.


Graphics: Very detailed for an XBLA game

Story: None! It’s a straight multiplayer shooter

Sound: gun sounds are authentic, explosions are premium

Replay Value: Tons of it. So many unlocks to be unlocked with xp


When I play Breach I enjoy it at times BUT then when the hosts quits or anyone else starts quitting. That’s where its faults start coming. The servers are the main complaint for me. In time they will be fixed but it can turn someone off of this game after it keeps occurring. FPS fans will enjoy Breach it’s a really solid shooter with kool unlocks.


I give this game 7.5 out of 10


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