2 new characters are now available to download for Hard Corps: Uprising

February 16, 2011

Video Games


New downloadable characters are now available on the xbox marketplace. Both are priced at 200 Microsoft points.

Harley Daniels is a mercenary for hire who wears the dog tags of his many fallen enemies as medals. He has the upbeat attitude of a man who has seen it all and is a survivor. Although he’s never one to abandon a friend, he’s fine with taking the easy way out. Base Attributes: Extra tough (4 health), but slower movement Available Attributes: Rising Mode store discounts on weapons and extra health


A lone woman with incredible strength, Sayuri is a mysterious samurai assassin from the Republic Tribe. She has joined the Rebellion’s mission to defeat Tiberius, but her motives are murky. Base Attributes: Samurai blade attack, Quick movement Available Attributes: Launch Attack, Homing Jump, Dunk Attack

Its kool to see this game get some dlc. I hope we get some more maybe even some guest characters like Harmony of Despair had.

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