Hard Corps: Uprising review

February 17, 2011

Video Games

Developer: Arc System Works

Publisher: Konami

System: Xbox 360

Release date: February 16, 2011

You may remember a game on the genesis called Contra: Hard Corps. Well… Hard Corps: Uprising is a prequel to that game and launches the Contra brand in a new direction.

In HCU (Hard Corps Uprising) you Resistance are trained to fight an evil empire called The Commonwealth, ruled by Tiberius. The Resistance consists of 4 soldiers; Bahamut the leader, Krystal a young rookie, Harley Daniels a bike-riding soldier, and Sayuri a female samurai.

Uprising consists of two modes one is the old-fashioned Arcade mode and Rising mode. The arcade mode is the classic contra where you set out on the 8 with all special moves unlocked but default health bar. In Rising Mode you can buy new moves, extra lives, and even weapon power ups. Rising mode is the one you will want to play first before moving onto arcade. You will spend countless hours in this mode, trying to buy every item to make you more powerful so you can get more points to buy more moves/item/power ups. After you have mastered this mode and want a challenge? Then I suggest giving Arcade mode a run. Arcade mode is most definitely for the hardcore Contra fans.

The gameplay is pretty simple you have the shoot button, which can be press repeatedly for faster fire. The dash button and a double jump option are available to use as well. Gun power ups are the Spread, laser, machine gun, crush gun, heat gun, and some type of wave gun that when shot at enemies shots they are countered back at them.

There is no unlockables, achievements are going to require you basically master the game to unlock the majority of them. New DLC came out featuring Harley and Sayuri as playable characters.


Graphics: 2d at its greatest in side scrolling shooters

Story: Resistance trying to take down the evil empire

Sound: Some pretty awesome guitar esque music

Replay value: TONS!!! You will spend countless hours trying to master the new moves, beat an old-time score, power up your character.

I truly loved what Arc System Works did with this contra flavored game. Coop play is the most definite fun you can have with a buddy. I personally spent a whole day dedicated to playing Hard Corps. I couldn’t get enough of it. But the difficulty will turn down some people as it’s more of a risk/reward type game.

I give this game an 8.5 out of 10

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