New Shadow ninja action game “NIN2-JUMP” announced from CAVE for XBLA

February 19, 2011

Video Games

Cave has announced a new Xbox Live Arcade game titled NIN 2 – Jump. What is strange about this title is that, CAVE is known for its crazy shooters. But it looks like they wanted to create something fresh and they have.

Nin Nin jump is about a story of a ninja who tries to save a kidnapped princess and must go through various levels to get her. The gameplay is pretty simple you will use jump and ninja actions. Along the way you will unlock new moves such as Kusari- you will throw the kusari to grab a wall or hook then dash back and forth from wall to wall.

2 modes will be included Adventure mode- collect scrolls across 10 stages and fight a boss at each’s end, and Score attack mode – survive and kill as many enemies as possible to get the highest score.

Nin 2 – jump will be released later this year. Some screens and the announcement trailer are below.

Source: Andriasang

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