New details and video of Fire Pro Wrestling from Pax East 2011

March 13, 2011

Video Games

Some new info was for Fire Pro Wrestling was uncovered from Pax East. has a preview of the game. Heres are some details on what this new Avatar version has in store for Fire Pro fans. First of all since this version is avatars only, then don’t expect any blood or over the top violence. Things have been much more simplified for a new audience. Your avatar can and will be used in the game with whatever clothing they are wearing. There will be more choices for clothing in-game only for your character. After you choose your look then its time to customize your moveset, taunts and music, pretty much like create a character in any wrestling game. From what ive read in the preview it plays just like a wrestling game but it doesn’t match the impactness when moves are delivered. And the matches are strictly 1-2-3 in nine arenas. Fire Pro Wrestling has online four player support. You can read the rest of the preview here. The article clearly states the move Spike made for this avatar only game really hurts the game. I really hope things change soon before its release.

UPDATE: I just barely seen this has a demo of the game at Pax East

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