Could a Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition console announcement happen soon?

March 14, 2011

Video Games

You may have remembered a while back when asked about if Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition is coming to consoles and Ono-san said no. But as of late when asked he replies “Wait til after Super Street Fighter IV 3D US launch”. Thats towards the end of the month. And what happens at the month in March? WELL!!! its Capcom Captivate!! there all types of announcements are announced! Last year thats where Marvel VS Capcom 3 was announced. Anyways back on topic well seems to think an announcement of SSFIVAE will be happening soon. And the evidence they have is in Korea where the game is rated TWICE!! and that only occurs when games are listed for multiplatform. So will the Arcade Edition of SSFIV be announced soon? I say yes!

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