Next Mega Man game and Street Fighter 5 to debut in 2012? More surprises from Capcom at E3?

March 25, 2011

Video Games

Over at PGN(Paul Gale Network) some very interesting news about capcom games.

First DMC the recent updated Devil May Cry will be making a huge splash at E3 this year. And all the haters will for sure keep their mouths shut after seeing the new footage at E3.

Then In 2012 will mark Da Blue Bomber’s 25th anniversary so we can expect to hear or even see something detailing this special event.

New footage of Street Fighter X Tekken will be shown this June and Capcom is listening at what fans want

And ever since Fans asked for a new Darkstalkers, Capcom said they will need 500k signatures in the petition before they even consider making one. But Mega Man Legends 3 happened because of all the fans request. So there is still hope we may hear more about it at E3.

Mega Man isnt the only series turning 25 in 2012. Street Fighter is as well, and you know what that could mean right? Street Figher 5? Well Capcom did say it wouldn’t take as long for a new sequel to as it has for Street Fighter 4.

And this isnt the only surprises we may see at E3. Capcom has more under their sleeves. So stay tuned until Capcom Captivate in April for more and E3 in June.

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One Comment on “Next Mega Man game and Street Fighter 5 to debut in 2012? More surprises from Capcom at E3?”

  1. Digicalice Says:

    A new Megaman is what Capcom need to do.
    Something new, something refreshing.
    No more downloadable title, a MAJOR release.
    Maybe a reboot of the X series with a darker and violent tone??
    Capcom, don’t deceive me, something you never did before.

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