Rumour: Is this the finalized Marvel VS Capcom 3 DLC roster? Plus 1st Stage DLC detailed leaked?

March 29, 2011

Video Games

This may be hard to take in all at once because it’s strictly a very unbelievable RUMOUR!!! Especially because it comes from a post on a n4G post i made. Anyways here is the list for the DLC characters.


Dr Octopus
Ms Marvel


Frank West
Phoenix Wright
Megaman X

Frank West, Phoenix Wright, Dr Octopus and Juggernaut will be revealed at Capcom Captivate next week. When the next batch of DLC characters are released we will get the a Phoenix Wright court stage. Also a full game version will be out next year.

This is all info from a user named Lupinko so believe it or not.

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27 Comments on “Rumour: Is this the finalized Marvel VS Capcom 3 DLC roster? Plus 1st Stage DLC detailed leaked?”

  1. Shin Gallon Says:

    Call me when the “Make the button setup be like MvC2 instead of this TvC bullshit” DLC is released, then I’ll actually buy the game.

  2. Francisco Tobias Says:

    MS MARVE???!!!! i hope you are kiding!! ROGUE it’s MUUUUCH BETTER!! REALLY! and WTF! with Phoenix Wright???!! =S damn!!

  3. gggg Says:


  4. rumor breaker Says:

    Not the real lupinko. He doesn’t hang out on n4g.

  5. xino Says:

    “Dr Octopus
    Ms Marvel”

    what the f*k man!?
    I seriously need to finish this course and become a game designer!

    Capcom are seriously p*ssing me off with their bullsh* and ripp off!

    How can you just f**king copy and paste characters from an old game and put them in this game and then call it ‘new’. It doesn’t make sense!

    When you make a new game…EVERYTHING HAS TO BE NEW!

    You don’t recycle old sh*!

  6. kemar Says:


    I hope these wont be $5 each

  7. Gamer09e Says:

    Even though this does sound fake, i’m loving the picks and anyone but me noticing that most of the rumors so far have included Elektra and Frank west..

  8. Would You Like 20 Dollars Says:

    This list looks pretty good. I’m not saying wither or not it’s true. We’ll just have to wait for Capcom Captivate to be sure. But I’m a little disappointed M. Bison and Carnage didn’t make it. I was really hoping for them. Oh, well, at least Frank West, Dr. Octopus, Juggernaut, Phoenix Wright, and Mega Man X made it.

  9. Apollo Says:

    It’s just varied enough to be true. No fan I know would have ever thought to make sucha diverse list. John Talban sounds great welcome addition. Personally I like the choices as I don’t want to see a Marvel vs Capcom 2 super charge mae out the reaer for stuff I already paid for edition of the game. Marvel vs Capcom 3 is supposed to be a new experience and it is. All complainers that your favorite charcter from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is not in the game needs to chill out. THis is supposed to be a new game not a rehash of MVC 2. AS for charging $5 per character that is a little harsh. I believe $2.50 per character would be better. Also a courtroom stage are you serious??? The game really needs more stages how about the Shiar Empire or Avalon? I’d pay for those.

  10. Zangar Says:

    Wow can’t believe how gullible everyone is.


  11. Apollo Says:

    Frank West and Doctor Octopus are written into the code. Capcom confirmed that Frank West was mostly complete. It would not surprise me to see these two characters. The rest may be propaganda. The relaease of a Full version next year is most definitely a hoax. Why announce a truck load of DLC characters then shoot yourself in the footby announcing a full version (Who would buy the DLC then?) Time will tell if the list is rumor or not.

  12. Apollo Says:

    By now it has been stated that the infoamous “list” is not legit. I am wondering if Capcom is purposefully staying tight lipped about DLC to keep anticipation high? I think that if they don’t announce real DLC soon (No shadow packs) that hype for the game will die down. I’m an advocate for new characters and I understand Marvel has to represent their properties (Avengers, X-men, and Spiderman movies coming out soon) so we see repeated Marvel Characters. Capcom is releasing characters based on popular properties they have. I do not want to see Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Characters returning en masse. No Strider, Venom, Gambit etc. New characters would be great. Frank West, Doc Ock, possibly other unused Capcom characters like John Talban and maybe a Breath of Fire Chacracter would be great. From Marvel new characters like Ms. Marvel and Elecktra may prove interesting as DLC. I must admit I think Capcom plans to release a total of 4 to 6 more characters as DLC with the next set coming in July and the final set in November. If they really want to impress me add some DLC for stages and more costumes (Marvel Girl, Virgil, Scarlet Spider). This is my speculation let’s see if this becomes truth.

  13. putanger 22 Says:

    boo boo ms marvel what? r people that lame phenoix wright whats wrong with u people electra even worst y cant they add good characters r they that bored or were they 2 lazy 2 think of anyone else everyone else sounds koo except 4 gail hes just gona be another chriss

  14. Apollo Says:

    Well I’m thoroughly convinced that Frank West and Doctor Octopus will see the light of day. There may only be two more Characters after this. (Anyone’s guess who they will be). As for DLC the game desparately needs the problems fixed first (Spectator mode anyone?) DLC should also contain more stages and costumes. I personally would love to see Scarlet Spider and Ken skins for Spiderman and Akuma respectively. Any thoughts on this? And yes the above list is total bogus April fool’s crap.

  15. Jess Says:

    This game is FAIL!


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