New Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition details

April 3, 2011

Video Games

Not much has been said about this new edition of 3rd Strike. But a recent interview at the UGC in italy. Ono said:

Street Fighter 3rd Strike will not be rebalanced but will have some kind of graphic enhancements that will make Third Strike fans wet themselves!  And online will play a big role in this version. Captivate it days away but there is an embargo so don’t expect to hear anything about Third Strike Online Edition til the embargo is lifted. Ono continued on and said there are some  things that had to be cut or didn’t make in the games. He hopes to provide players with more tools to make online tournaments possible or organize an event at home. Funding will be required for those features but havent gotten approved. Another interesting detail about Street Fighter IV ono said was the game hasn’t achieved Street Fighter 2 popularity yet. But he’s hoping more of the older players come and enjoy the newer titles.

Source: EventHubs

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