Marvel will launch a new merchandise program for Marvel VS Capcom franchise

April 21, 2011

Video Games

Marvel Entertainment LLC has announced that they will be launching a brand new merchandise collaboration will several manufacturers such as Mad Engine,Inc,Philcos Enterpriser Limited,Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles,LLC,Hollywood Collectibles Group,Mad Catz Inc. and UDON. They will all create products to support the MVC fans and game.

Here is what those products will be:

  • Mad Engine, Inc will create apparel such as Tshirts and Sweatshirts with the Marvel and Capcom characters. These are currently available at Hot Topic stores
  • Philcos Enterpriser Limited will produce shirts and sweatshirts in April EXCLUSIVELY for Canada
  • Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles, LLC are releasing new Marvel VS Capcom minimates. These two packs will be available this august at Toys R Us and select comic stores
  • Hollywood Collectibles Group are set to create highly detailed statues featuring characters from the Marvel VS Capcom 3 universe. They will be available this Summer at Diamond Distribution and
  • Mad Catz Inc. will release a MVC3 arcade fightstick for the XBox 360 and Ps3 exclusively sold only at and
  • UDON has created a new art book compilation of Marvel VS Capcom images and new commisioned art from Comic artist and it will debut this Summer

“Fans have been clamoring to get their hands on all things Marvel vs. Capcom so we wanted to unveil a merchandise program that took their gaming experience to a whole new level,” said Paul Gitter, President of Consumer Products for North America, Marvel Entertainment. “Our partners are creating exciting product lines that accurately reflect the action-packed match-ups between these legendary characters featured in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that fans will love.”

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One Comment on “Marvel will launch a new merchandise program for Marvel VS Capcom franchise”

  1. Wolfy Says:

    I’m just hoping it’s not going to be the same image repeated over and over again…

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