Split/Second 2 project is terminated?

May 4, 2011

Video Games

In a recent lay off at the Black Rock studio there is a rumour going around that Disney Interactive has layed off numerous staff and cancelling this sequel.

“It seems Disney have been unable to provide us with a project to work on, and our concept pitches clearly haven’t gone down well (despite there being many of them).”

Aborted projects included a sequel to 2008 quad-bike racer Pure and a follow-up to last year’s Split/Second.

“After SS wrapped, we started work on SS2 pre-prod which was cancelled last December due to DIS’s new management and their changing priorities (the push towards freemium etc) – SS2 didn’t really fit in with that (despite some efforts to shoehorn it in).


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3 Comments on “Split/Second 2 project is terminated?”

  1. xino Says:

    it’s farked up man:/

    and I loved Split/Second man

  2. anders Says:

    ye,same here,that is bullshitt.I also love split second and I would love to see a sequel and move on to Season 2 so to speak.


    Again it’s Disney ! Can’t you doing some bad movies related games made by THQ ???
    Split / Second was one of my favorite game in 2010, so much fun.
    Good luck for the future Black Rock Studio

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