3DS Update: New Star Fox 3D details, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest trailer, and eShop release date

May 12, 2011

Video Games

Here is an update with some new 3DS news. I know you have been itching for some new details on anything 3DS related. Well here it is first off we got

Star Fox 3D got some new details from a recent retailer briefing

  • The game has 3DS mode,N64 mode and Battle mode
  • In 3DS mode, you use the gyro sensor to control your ship
  • Battle mode supports four players
  • Battle mode will support download play
  • The game will not have online play via Wi-Fi Connection
  • During combat, your face is shown as an icon, allowing for easy identification of who’s who.
Due in Japan for a July 14 release
And the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D website got an update that contain a trailer showing the difference between regular game and the MASTER QUEST mode.
Nintendo of America announced the release date of the 3DS eShop that will contain the browser add-on. The 3DS eShop will release on June 6th followed by a Japan release on the 7th
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