Soul Calibur V update: 10% comeplete,Over 20 plus total characters, and GUEST character already picked

May 18, 2011

Video Games

Some new tidbits have been unveiled for this Soul Calibur V. And any information is beneficial to hardcore SC fans!

First of all in the latest Famitsu magazine  some new details arise:

  • The game is 10% complete
  • The game will have new characters, old and guest
  • The staff wants to have at least as many characters as part IV. Thats over 20 something total characters. 
  • The game will new battle systems
  • The development team has been given new blood, so there would be some differences from past Soul Calibur games
And a little over 8 hours ago Daishi Odashima tweeted
So who do you think it is? I’m certain its Dante from the new DMC because they already have good relations since the Street Fighter X
Tekken game was announced.
Soul Calibur V is set for release in 2012 for Xbox 360 and PS3.
Thanks Andriasang and TSC
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