Dynasty Warriors 7 gets its 2nd batch of DLC

May 24, 2011

Video Games

Tecmo Koei release its second batch of Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC today for Xbox 360.

That DLC includes two costume packs,stage, and a new weapon pack.

Original Costume Pack 1 –400 MSP

Use original costumes for the 13 Wei officers including uniforms, suits, high school club outfits, etc. Experience a battlefield like you’ve never seen with these unique costumes!

Stage Pack 1 – 320 MSP

Play the ‘Yellow Turbans’ and ‘Hulao Gate’ stages in CONQUEST MODE, with 3 scenarios remastered from DYNASTY WARRIORS 2 for each stage. The ‘Yellow Turbans’ stage includes the ‘Yellow Turban Rebellion’, ‘Fall of the Han’ and ‘Test of Faith’ scenarios. The ‘Hulao Gate’ stage includes the 「Battle of Hulao Gate」,「Allied Invasion Resistance」and 「Sishui Gate Defensive Battle」scenarios.

Costume Pack 2 – 80 MSP

Use costumes from DYNASTY WARRIORS 5 for all 46 characters who appeared in the game.

New Weapon Pack 2 – 160 MSP

Attack your enemies with two new weapons, the Short Pike and the Mace. The Short Pike is the perfect balance of range and speed and allows counterattacks, and the Mace is very powerful with a wide attack range! Both weapons will be added to your inventory, but you can also create them at the Blacksmith or earn more powerful versions of each weapon by clearing each weapon scenario in Conquest Mode.

You can download these new weapons,costumes, and Stage DLC here directly from the Xbox marketplace. Rumoured Playstation Store comes back today but will it contain both sets of DLC batches for Ps3 gamers? Lets hope so.

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