Select Virtual Console games to get HD treatment when Project Cafe launches

May 29, 2011

Video Games

Take this news as a rumour for now, got some inside source detailing Project Cafe’s Virtual Console will get the HD treatment for some titles.

Here is the list they got :

  • A “select group” Virtual Console games will be made available in HD (High Definition) for Project Cafe.
  • Not all VC games will be made available in high-definition. This is due to money,time, and effort that would be required to convert each game to high-definition. Also, not all classic games convert to high-definition perfectly. Each game must be individually re-done to take advantage of widescreen HD resolutions and aspect ratios. They will be re-done similarly to how classic games are being redone to take advantage o 3DS’s 3D capabilities.
  • Some SNES/Genesis games won’t ever get a high-definition widescreen treatment because they turn into a blurry or pixellated mess when converted to widescreen high-definition. This is because they weren’t originally designed with widescreen high-definition television’s in mind.
  • Nintendo has found a sneaky way to get you to rebuy games that you already bought on virtual console.
  • Virtual console games are transferable to Project Cafe. But if you want the high-definition (HD) version of a Wii 1 virtual console game instead of the standard version you own now, you will have to pay full price for the high-definition version.
  • You will NOT receive a free upgrade from standard definition virtual console game that you bought on Wii 1 to a HD version of the same game. If you want HD version, you have to rebuy the game.
  • Sega is getting ready to port some of their “Xbox Live Arcade” Genesis HD games (like Sonic) on Project Cafe’s virtual console service.
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