New gameplay details,art,screens, and trailer for Skyward Sword

June 8, 2011

Video Games

Check out this new media for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and some new gameplay details

  • First off there is a new race of creatures in Skyward Sword. They are being called Mogmas and are dog like creatures that live in the ground.
  • There is also a new area being called the Siren World. This area is very mysterious looking and is in another dimension. Link must collect tear like items to leave the area and the portal into the Siren World is in the forest from last year’s E3 demo.
  • The girl from the original Skyward Sword concept art is back and she is indeed the spirit inside of Link’s sword. Her name is Fi (speling?) and will act as your guide. Your sword will react to various things in the ground and serve as metal detector like item when you’re looking for key pieces.
  • As reported in the past, the dungeons and over world formula in Skyward Sword will be a tad bit different. This time Link willreturn to past areas to find new puzzles and game elements as the game progresses. Link will interact with the environment much more than in the past. The game map system is also improved.
  • Several items are protected by guardians that are very powerful as Link is weaker and unarmed at times in the Siren World.


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