In Metroid Wii U you will control Samus and her Ship

June 15, 2011

Video Games

In an interview with Kotaku Nintendo developer Katsuya  Eguchi told them this

“I can not give you any details yet but I’m sure there will be a new Metroid, which will use the new controller, not just to control Samus and her ship but also to give players a variety of information. While the player looks at the screen, it could very well have the information needed to defeat his enemy hands. “

It’s very interesting to hear about a new Metroid since fans didnt dig the Team Ninja offering last year.

Hopefully Nintendo understands this and are preparing a new one for their new system.

Thanks Pixazura!

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3 Comments on “In Metroid Wii U you will control Samus and her Ship”

  1. blackxino Says:

    ” defeat his enemy hands. “”

    should it be her*

  2. metroidfan96 Says:

    i hope it will come out as soon as the wii u comes out!

  3. SupeChunk Says:

    😦 Why is everyone so against MoM. I thought it was a great game and very “metroid”.

    Can’t wait for WiiU goodness!

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