Dissidia 012(Duodecim) gets new DLC that includes new costumes and music tracks

June 28, 2011

Video Games

Square Enix has just announced that they are expanding the Dissidia 012(Duodecim) DLC that will included new costumes,BGM packs and exclusive Playstation Network Avatars.

Starting today you will be able to download the exclusive avatars for $0.49 each and  in a couple of weeks the Costumes and Music Tracks will be available.

Here is the list of DLC:

Available Tuesday, June 28

  •          Laguna                                           Avatar               $0.49 at the PlayStation®Store
  •          Shantotto                                        Avatar               $0.49 at the PlayStation®Store
  •          Cecil (Dark Knight)                          Avatar               $0.49 at the PlayStation®Store
  •          Emperor                                         Avatar               $0.49 at the PlayStation®Store
  •          Kuja                                                Avatar               $0.49 at the PlayStation®Store
  •          Vaan                                               Avatar               $0.49 at the PlayStation®Store
  •          Exdeath                                          Avatar               $0.49 at the PlayStation®Store

Available Tuesday, July 19

  •          Bartz: Dancer                                  Costume           $0.99 at the PlayStation®Store
  •          FINAL FANTASY V (3 Tracks)          BGM Pack        $0.99 at the PlayStation®Store
  •          Terra: Striped Dress                        Costume           $0.99 at the PlayStation®Store
  •          FINAL FANTASY VI (3 Tracks)          BGM Pack        $0.99 at the PlayStation®Store
  •          Shantotto: Wedding Dress               Costume           $0.99 at the PlayStation®Store
  •          FINAL FANTASY XI (3 Tracks)          BGM Pack        $0.99 at the PlayStation®Store

 More DLC is on the way so stay tuned!


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