New Dragon Ball game officially titled Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

June 28, 2011

Video Games

As some of you may know there is a new Dragon Ball game on the way code-named Dragon Ball Game Project AGE 2011.

Well now its got a new name that’s been revealed from an online retailer.

The name is Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. Some fans will love that the Tenkaichi series have continued but others wont as they feel the Budokai games were superior.

Here is the game description from the site and a new magazine scan of the game.

In Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi prepare to dive into the world of the Dragon Ball manga, TV anime, films and video games head first, with brand new content and game play, a comprehensive character line up and faithful manga style graphics.

Development team Spike Co. Ltd. in Japan, the talented people responsible for sustaining the incredible worldwide success of the franchise over the past 6 years, have taken a new approach this time round, with the aim of creating a new landmark in the Dragon Ball videogame series. They’ve poured all their ki energy into upgrading the character and environment graphics, with character designs drawn straight from the original DBZ manga series, and totally destructible battle fields, including realistic craters and Kamehameha tracers cutting across the sky, delivering a heightened sensation of realism and dynamic immediacy.

Featuring the original Japanese voiceover and music, the enhanced story mode will immerse players in the rich variety of the Dragon Ball universe, where every element of the battle will thrill. The game will also include a special mode which allows the player to experience the brand new age of Dragon Ball Z. The controls are being designed to bring the experience closer to the previous Tenkaichi series, making the play accessible to all, but retaining all the tactical depth in battle.


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2 Comments on “New Dragon Ball game officially titled Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi”

  1. Prototype48 Says:

    This game looks amazing CANT WAIT!

  2. Vegivo Says:

    I cant wait to play it!! 😀

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