New details on the delayed Final Fantasy Type – 0

July 5, 2011

Video Games

In the latest japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, new details were spilt for Final Fantasy Type-0

Here is the summary of the info courtesy of andriasang

  • The game will have 30 to 40 hours play time, or 100 hours for those who play fully.
  • Development is currently 80% complete.
  • We’ll probably have to wait until Fall for the game (this was said with an apology, as the game was previously promised for Summer).
  • There will be a music tie-up.
  • The basics of the game outside of multiplayer are complete. They’re currently working on the ad-hoc play component.
  • The game will have some fighting game style elements, like movement canceling.
  • The Type-0 version of Shiva is sexy.
  • You can hold down buttons to repeat moves rather than pressing the button repeatedly.
  • Button assignment includes: triangle for your character’s standard attack, circle and square can be assigned to attacks and magic, X for defense and defensive magic, and L + d-pad to swap your character.
  • Square Enix is currently looking into the possibility of a download version
  • The game has 14 main characters. At one point during development, the figure was 40.
  • Similar to The 3rd Birthday, there will be Square Enix Members connectivity. You’ll be able to see stats on character use and enemy kills amongst fellow members.
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