Get ready for your balls to splode in Pinball FX 2

July 7, 2011

Video Games

Zen Studios and Twisted Pixel just announced a new Ms Splosion Man table for Pinball FX 2.

Now this table isnt just any new table. Both studios have collaborate to integrate a seamless experience across both Ms. Splosion Man and Pinball FX 2.

You will be able to play a virtual arcade Pinball game in Ms Splosion Man similar to Zen Studios XBLA game and in Pinball FX 2 the Ms Splosion Man table will feature full social support and more! Here is the full press release below:

When the Balls Touch They Splode

ZEN Studios & Twisted Pixel Announce a Big Science Project: Ms. Splosion Man is Coming to Pinball FX2

LOS ANGELES – July 7, 2011 – ZEN Studios & Twisted Pixel today announced a Ms. Splosion Man themed pinball table is coming to Pinball FX2 on Xbox LIVE® Arcade this summer. Sploding with energy and full of punchy surprises, Ms. Splosion Man pinball represents the passion of two of Xbox Live’s finest independent studios collaborative efforts, and the result is an insane level of fun.

 “We told the Twisted Pixel crew we were going to break in and steal all the Ms. Splosion Man stuff so we could make a pinball table for them. We put our super stealth ZEN sniper on the project and what can I say, mission accomplished,” boasts Mel Kirk, ZEN Studios Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. “Twisted Pixel struck back by stealing some Pinball FX2 assets and building a pinball machine in the arcade area of Ms. Splosion Man, due out on July 13th.

Set in the crazy labs of Big Science, the latest tests in experimental science have gone all wrong, and Ms. Splosion Man must splode her way through obstacles utilizing the latest in tech gadget innovation in her quest to free Splosion Man from the grips of evil scientists. Featuring plenty of interactive 3D characters and objects pulled directly from the Ms. Splosion Man game, players will complete sets of sploding missions and combos, culminating in a final battle with Mighty Eternal.

 “Turns out, sploding is a GREAT mechanic on a pinball table and the evil geniuses at ZEN took the idea and ran with it!” explains Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford. “As big fans of pinball in general, we proudly acknowledge ZEN Studios as the masters of virtual pinball. In Ms. Splosion Man there is an arcade room in the world map where players can find a virtual Pinball FX2 table where you can dive right into the hot XBLA pinball action directly.”

Ms. Splosion Man will seamlessly integrate into the Pinball FX2 platform on Xbox LIVE® Arcade, with full social feature support. Ms. Splosion Man will also feature new Achievements, operators menu and rule sheet.  

Ms. Splosion Man & Pinball FX2 are both published by Microsoft Studios, exclusively for XBLA.

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