Final Fantasy Versus XIII will have FPS like cutscenes and photo realistic environments

July 13, 2011

Video Games

Not only did we get some new details on the 3DS KH. Famitsu also provide more info on the Versus XIII.

  • Cutscenes in Final Fantasy Versus XIII are said to be “manipulatable”
  • 3D Models quality for both events and gameplay are almost same
  • Combat in Versus XIII will be dynamic, and there will be changing situations that will keep the gameplay fresh
  • A lot of time and skill has gone into the graphics for the game, especially the lighting
  • Famitsu seemed to be impressed with the screenshots Mr. Nomura toted along with him, one person noting that they did not believe that it was a real-time screenshot because of the graphical quality.
  • 3 Screenshots was shown: The three screenshots included a scene of an Italy-like city showing Noctus looking up at a behemoth, an afternoon shot of Noctus on what appeared to be the side of the highway, and the same highway shot but at night. The signs on the highway apparently say “Meguro,” which is a region of Tokyo (As far as I know the game doesn’t actually take place in our world, although this isn’t the first time a real world name has been found in the game).
Thanks Gamenyusu!
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