New Kingdom Hearts 3DS details confirm Sora will return in KH3 and KH4

July 13, 2011

Video Games

New tidbits on the 3DS Kingdom Hearts title, Dream Drop Distance. Were in the latest Famitsu magazine.

Some very interesting info is in there. Read for yourselves.

  • Sora hasn’t changed (this is unclear at the moment)
  • This game will provide some answers
  • Described as a mysterious game
  • Explores the hidden data inside Sora
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D is the “initiative” before Kingdom Hearts III
  • Will feature a secret movie like past games in the series
  • Traverse Town contains two mysterious characters, who Tetsuya Nomura wouldn’t reveal
  • Travel up to rooftops
  • 40-50% complete
  • Nomura once again said that Kingdom Hearts III completes the Xehanort Saga
  • Sora will continue to be the main character of Kingdom Hearts, even after III is complete
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