Here some of the excerpts and character changes discussed at the Marvel VS Capcom 3 EVO 2011 panel

July 31, 2011

Video Games

Capcom and staff were at EVO 2011 in a big way and showing off some of their new fighting titles such as Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3.

They even held a special panel where fans could ask questions regarding the changes that would occur in the game.

Here are a few details from the UMVC3 panel:

There will be a new strategy guide for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and some of the people at EVO are involved with the process of creating it. It sounded like this will have frame data and be similar to the BradyGames guide released before.

• Capcom considered a DLC spectator mode for the original MvC3.

• While talking about balancing the games the battle director, NeoG, said there are two different schools of thought when it comes to balancing. One is to balance the characters around the game’s tool sets and the other is to give characters unique attributes and balance them out that way. UmvC3 is built around the unique stuff.

• In regards to Venom and Gambit not making the cut, they reiterated that Marvel has a lot of say as to who makes it or not.

• Everyone has mashable attacks in UMvC3, meaning that you can mash the buttons to do more damage.


• Capcom feels the quality assurance team has some really strong players on it overall.

• Someone said they noticed a damage increase in the game, but NeoG said they hadn’t changed how much life stuff takes off. If could be a by product of the shorter lifebars.

• A lot of casual users apparently didn’t see the X factor gauge so Capcom made it more visible. They also wanted to try something new with the lifebars. They’re aware a lot of people don’t like it, and they’re listening. In the newest build they’ve changed the UI a bit, but Capcom couldn’t bring that build with them. The X-Factor gauge isn’t over the top either anymore.

• In regards to balancing games NeoG said they watch tournaments and follow the community when they’re tweaking things. He said Niitsuma must sign off on the changes. They do realize sometimes that things aren’t as balanced as intended. In regards to nerfing characters, they don’t want to go so far that players completely lose the time investment they’ve put in.

• When it was asked if Capcom could balance and buff up all assists so they’re the same power reltively, and the same person also wondered how much the current assists have been changed. They said it’s a tall order to make them all roughly the same. As far as how much they touched them, you’ll have to see when it comes out.

• Hawkeye was created to be very different than Taskmaster.

Character Changes

Spider-Man’s webs travel faster. The Web Ball, Web Swing and Spider-Sting can be cancelled. Crawler assault, button mashing during this does more damage now.

• Doctor Doom’s Photon Array does more damage when mashing. Doom’s mid-air special moves will always knock down now. Jumping Hard has a new variation.

• Arthur has more health.

• X-23’s Talon Attack in the air will cancel out other character’s air moves. They said you have to try this out.

• Iron Man can’t double jump, but now he can do an air dash to cancel out of moves.

• Amaterasu can change weapons in mid air.

• MODOK can cancel out of of a move in mid jump by dashing.

• Hsien-Ko has more things up her sleeve, literally, more projectiles she can throw.

• Akuma has less health.

• Chun-Li has a new attack which is a different version of her Spinning Bird Kick.

• Felicia can now do a delta kick in the air.

• Phoenix has less health now.

• Hulk has a new move, another charge attack.

• Captain America has a double jump.

• Wesker can speed up if he hits you with his sunglasses.

• Chris can now cancel out of his gun attacks by doing another special move.

• Shuma-Gorath can absorb his opponent’s meter or make it go down by using a standard throw.

• Super-Skrull’s Meteor Smash can be done in mid-air now.

• Zero’s Max Buster shot can be used to cancel other moves. Say if you do his Shoryuken, you can cancel it with a max shot.

• Sentinel has slightly less health. Very slight, probably dropped him down from 910,000 to 900,000.

• Thor’s command grab has slightly increased range.

• Dante with the Devil Trigger going can triple jump and air dash twice in a row.

• Deadpool can cancel out of special moves while warping.

• Dormammu can do Liberation and Dark Hole(?) in the air now.

• Trish’s mid air Maxmimum Voltage can followed up after wards for another attack on a grounded opponent.

• Tron is one that’s getting slightly nerfed. Her Gustaf Fire assist is losing its invicibility. Servbot launcher can be executed three times in a row now, though.

• Crouching Hard with Haggar knocks down now.

• Morrigan has a new move that can absorb her opponent’s meter. Probably the fireball mentioned earlier.

• These characters all have new moves. Some of these were announced previously though. C. Viper, Spencer, She-Hulk, Magneto, Storm, Wolverine (Swiss Cheese) and Taskmaster.

If you want to seem of the panel here are two videos gamespot uploaded from it.

Thanks eventhubs!

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