Paradise Costume pack announced for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

August 24, 2011

Video Games

Capcom Japan has revealed new costume packs that are exclusive to their E Capcom store. No details are mentioned of the US getting them but im sure Amazon,Best Buy and the other game retailers will get their own.

In these packs we get a Cyborg,Warrior Costume,Barbecue Chef, and a Fire Fighter outfit. Here are a few details on what they are:

Frank cyborg costume wearing changing the pack.
Lightning is discharged from the mechanical parts are exposed paralyze zombies around?
They will also not be possible to add Lightning damage to attack with bare hands or with electrical appliances.

Cyborg Head costumes included in the pack contents
· Cyborg Face
· Cyborg Body
· Cyborg Feet

Cosplay costume adorned armor pack increase in the value of experience gained magical powers.
Usually items such as an attack on normal attacks and will be able to get the PP in the attack, including attacks on all the PP could not be obtained until now. Increase the amount of PP obtained more like a combo special attack weapons.

The contents of the pack Cardboard Helmet Costume
· Monster Facepaint
· Cardboard Armor
· Cardboard Boots

Costumes veteran chef Frank morph pack.
Judge slices lightly with a knife the zombie clever, changing the weapon even ketchup and mustard and other condiments. Fire up the power of explosives into zombies because of condition of fire all the more savvy chef.

BBQ Chef Hat Costumes content contained in the pack
· BBQ Chef Face
· BBQ Chef Apron
· BBQ Chef Sandals

Fortune City hero, become a firefighter costume pack.
The stronger the fire, of course, familiar firefighting ax more efficiently handled with the zombies tear, water is emitted from a water gun for a zombie makes too much of pressure fall. It is also well-versed lifesaving than normal running speed up the survivors faced more! Each door can be opened with the kick.

Costume Fireman Helmet content contained in the pack
· Fireman Moustache
· Fireman Jacket
· Fireman Boots

Each pack will cost 160 Microsoft points or $2 on the Ps3.

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