New modes and characters for Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 to be unveiled at Tokyo Game Show

September 6, 2011

Video Games

Some new details were leaked for Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 according to Neogaf.

At the Tokyo Game Show these tidbits will be revealed:

A new build top tourney players helped with by digging deep for hours a day.

4 characters will be revealed: Phoenix Wright, Rocket Raccoon, Vergil and Iron Fist.

2 new stages, Danger Mode with Xmen Cameos and Outer Space (Space Battle)

New game modes will be revealed , a heavy emphasis on Spectator mode and its specifics.

Remaining modes,characters, and changes to single player, along with the MVC3 bonus for original players will be unveiled at New York Comic Con.

Vergil and Phoenix Wright were in the same character selection process where Mega Man X and Gene were in.

Capcom is waiting on sales figures for Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 before DLC plans are considered.

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2 Comments on “New modes and characters for Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 to be unveiled at Tokyo Game Show”

  1. xino Says:

    all I care is that, if it doesn’t feature new PROPER storymode, with cutscenes and new mode like No Assist Attack Mode. Also ability to turn off the X Attack garbage.

    if it doesn’t have those things…no one should buy this piece of sh*!

    there should also be a mode: Challenge Character-
    when you host an online game, you can only allow players to use a specific character you selected for them to use. Makes it more challenging. So all the n00bs who only master one group of character should learn how to play with other characters.

  2. Rayber Says:


    Have you played the original?

    X-factor not X attack. And it is an important part of the game. It is also getting weakened just so you know. If there was an ability to turn it off, do you know how many people would complain about tournaments having or not having it?

    No assist attack? In a series based off a team game? Calling assists is a main part of the game and the originals.

    The game’s focus is its gameplay. A challange character choice mode? Tell me why people would even choose to join if this game which features so many characters, why it is nooby to focus on their team. Not everyone needs to learn how to play everyone, if they have their set team then they should learn to play with THAT team. And why would the Host choose the Client’s team? That is just setting up for a better match up.

    Oh and by the way, lots of people would buy this game. It is a great game with amazing gameplay. Of course this game has its flaws in its modes but name me a game that is godly perfect in every possible way and I guarantee you there will be some kind of downpoint.

    Why don’t you try to play the game huh?

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